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For 20 years now, the National Foundation for Women Legislators & the National Rifle Association have joined forces for the Annual Bill of Rights Essay Scholarship Contest; which provides six female high school juniors or seniors a $3,000 college scholarship, an all-expense-paid trip to NFWL’s Annual Conference, and an award that will be presented at the event.

Congrats to the 2017 Scholarship Winners:

Anne Crabill of Chapel Hill, North Carolina (mentored by North Carolina Representative Rosa Gill)

Jessica Goldschlager of Magnolia, Delaware (mentored by Delaware Representative Andria Bennett)

Margaret Kleiman of Hutchinson, Minnesota (mentored by Minnesota Representative Sandra Masin)

Madeline Peltzer of Laveen, Arizona (mentored by Arizona Senator Nancy Barto)

Faith VanVleet of Spring, Texas (mentored by Wisconsin Representative Kathy Bernier)

Abby Weiderhold of Pottsville, Pennsylvania (mentored by New Jersey Assemblywoman-elect Serena DiMaso)

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NOTE: Extended deadline to apply is Friday, July 14th, 2017 by 5pm Eastern Time

Congratulations on your decision to apply for 20th Annual National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) – National Rifle Association (NRA) Bill of Rights Essay Contest!  Each year, NFWL and the NRA join forces to provide six female high school juniors and seniors (Class of 2017 or 2018) a $3,000 college scholarship and an all-expense-paid trip to NFWL’s Annual Conference. This year’s conference will take place November 14 – 18 at the Loews Minneapolis Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.  Please carefully read the following instructions. Good luck!


Application Requirements

Application Packet:The following materials should be submitted via the online form below

  1. Submission of contact information
  2. Final Essay
  3. One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, advisor, employer, etc.
  4. One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a currently elected woman at the state or local level

Eligibility:Applicants must be

  • College-bound female high school juniors or seniors (Class of 2017 or Class of 2018)
  • Available to attend the NFWL Annual conference, November 14 – 18 in Minneapolis, MN, where they will be presented with the award

Deadline:  Completed applications must be received no later than 5pm (Eastern Time) on Friday, July 14, 2017 to be considered for the scholarship contest.


2017 NFWL-NRA Bill of Rights National Essay Scholarship Topics

Essay:Pick ONE out of the three topics below and write a 400 – 600 word essay. The essay should be single-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman. Essays must be submitted as a PDF document through the online form below.

  1. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of speech, and women have played influential roles in uniting the country on important issues. Give a recent example of how an elected female official brought a community together during difficult times, how her perspective as a female made the difference, and how she changed her community’s viewpoint to respect women in leadership.
  2. In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton held the first Women’s Rights Convention (WRC) and presented “The Declaration of Sentiments,” in which she declared that women and men are equal. The WRC evolved into the National Woman Suffrage Association, which led to the 19th Amendment being passed and ratified. In the 1800s, who were other women setting the pathway for women’s rights to become a reality? And how did their works of composition influence Americans to shift in favor of women’s rights?
  3. Women only represent 24% of elected officials in America, yet women are 54% of the American populous. Although the 19th Amendment has protected women’s rights to vote for almost 100 years, why do women not hold the majority of elected offices in America? What does research show as hindrances for women running for office? How would you resolve this issue?

Judging Criteria: In addition to the basics of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style, the judges will be looking for essays with the four following criteria:

  • historical research, insight, and perspective
  • demonstrated understanding of the American Constitution
  • inspirational quality
  • meaningful personal connection.

If you have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here. If your question is not addressed on our Frequently Asked Question list, you can email


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